Get clear on how to create the business of your dreams.

 uncover your goals, Get clarity and devise a plan for revenue.


About Laura

Idea Sherpa. Launch Catalyst. Creator.

Pulling from my 10 years as a solo-preneur, marketer, teacher and content creator, I step into your vision to help you define your next steps.

Let's create something together.


Let's Turn Your Knowledge Into Revenue

Create powerful offerings that sell

Craft a strategy to reach your target audience

Define your sales funnel

Design lead generation tools

Develop curriculum

Outline your book

Let me help you shape your ideas into desirable products and services....


Step 1: Reveal

During our strategy session, we'll examine your purpose, the valuable content you have and determine how to use them to propel your brand.


Step 2: Create

With the information gleaned during the strategy session, you'll take away the ingredients for your book outline, your curriculum plan, or your lead generation tool.


Step 3: Share

With your revenue generating plan in place, it's time to share it with your target market and begin bringing in the money.


“Excellent!! You dragged decades worth of ideas and experiences out within a short time and organized it into something actually workable!! Truly incredible! A gift for sure!”
— Dr. Sue Hegel
It was very invigorating and exciting to have you see my vision with me and help me gain clarity and direction. It gave me direction in huge ways.
— Christi Turley Diamond, author and coach
“Clarifying and creatively nurturing. It’s a relief to feel heard and have both your expert marketing guidance and intuitive support in sorting through and making sense of scattered ideas.”
— Aaron Embrey
“First and foremost, you helped me organize my thoughts and get out of my head, out of confusion, by not only creating structure but also getting me to see the big picture all while celebrating my previous victories.”
— Jen Cunnings