Strategy to Propel Your Creativity, Vision and Growth

Focus Your Brilliance Strategy Sessions are designed to extract your genius, tap into your desires and create a strategy for revenue. 


Session Details

One-on-one video conference call lasting 120 minutes

Recording of the call

Custom Your Brilliance report including findings, action items and next steps.

Session debrief phone call.

*In-person sessions available in DFW.


Fresh Ideas Co-Created.

No preparation required.
come in fresh so we can access your true wisdom!

What Strategy Will Do For You


create Your Vision

Find your direction. From developing an offering to determining your audience and defining your brand, I've worked with small businesses to create and achieve their visions. 

“It was transformational for me. Laura got to the core of my brand in a way that no one else I have ever worked with has,” Christ Montoya

Discover The power of Your ideas

Organize your thoughts. With so many ideas, how do you know where to start? I've worked with people to define their online course, develop lead magnets, create infographics, write web copy, develop curriculum and bring their book to life.

“Thank you for helping me give birth to my book. You’ve got BIG MOJO,” Keisha Gallegos, author of The Little Book of Big Mojo



Amplify Your Brand

Launch, relaunch or change directions. If you're ready for a shift but not sure how to get there, a strategy session can help. I've worked with clients to expand their audiences, develop new marketing tactics, create new offerings, tweak the customer experience and extend their reach. 

“Laura gave me confidence in my future and ability to move toward my dream,” Michelle Austell

How it Works

  1. Set an intention for our time together: Vision, Content, Amplify or something else.

  2. Work the process. Sessions last around 2 hours during which I ask a lot of questions and document the answers to create your custom strategy.

  3. Reflect. You receive a recording of the call and a custom Your Brilliance report that we review together on our debrief call.

  4. Take action based on the plan we’ve created.

  5. Get help when needed.


Session Details


• One-on-one, 120-minute video conference call.*
• Recording of call.
• Customized Your Brilliance report, including the findings, action items and next steps.
• Follow-up debrief call to review report and determine next steps.

*In-person sessions available in DFW.


• One-on-one, 120 minute conference call.
• Recording of call
• Customized Your Brilliance report, including the findings, action items, and next steps.
• Follow-up debrief call
• Project plan with detailed schedule
• 3 follow-up calls to keep you on track, review your work, provide feedback and propel your momentum.
• Weekly emails to ensure you are on-track


• One-on-one, 120 minute video conference call.
• Recording of call
• Customized Your Brilliance report
• Custom website design and content
• Design work, as needed
• Follow up calls based on project plan
• Weekly emails to keep you on track

*Priced based on scope and design requirements.