Commitment is my personal word of the year!

One of my commitments is our new-ish puppy, Koa.

One of my commitments is our new-ish puppy, Koa.

For 2019, I have a word. My word is COMMITMENT. Like the puppy I recently adopted, this word will accompany me, wake up with me and guide me (even pull me with the leash). (And speaking of commitment—that puppy is a joy, but also a job!).

What is a Word of the Year?

As the new years rolls through, people adopt a variety of rituals to begin the year with a clean slate—resolutions, vision boards, gym memberships, black eyed peas, etc. This year, I’m joining the likes of Melinda Gates and choosing a Word for the Year to provide guidance, define my intentions and help me with my goals.

A Word of the Year should reflect the mood or preoccupation you want to have going forward. It should be a gentle reminder to keep your eye on your goals—unlike a resolution, which I find shaming when I don’t meet it.

My word is COMMITMENT and it resonates with me for all areas of my life. From whether to go to the gym in the morning, take my vitamins, call a friend to how I proceed with my business. COMMITMENT doesn’t mean I have to say YES to everything. Instead, it means I need to make a decision, stop waffling, and move forward. Phew, I feel better just saying this.

Choosing Your Word

Ironically, I didn’t go through a big list to find the word. It just came to me. I can’t even describe the process. It was just there, ready for me and I was ready for it.

I recommend the no-stress, let it come, approach. I did a Facebook Live on the word of the year and a friend quickly came up with the word REINVENT. Melinda Gates’ word is GRACE. A coach I’ve worked with has used the word RESPONSIBILITY and offers a list of examples of what she calls Power Words in her blog.

Your Word of the Year shouldn’t take a lot of work. It should come naturally to you and feel right. A quick Google search found this blog post with additional advice on choosing the word. If you don’t feel super strongly about the word you are choosing, you can try the Word of the Year generator and see what it comes up with. (It gave me BLESS, which is lovely and maybe I’ll just try to remember to feel blessed all year long, too).

My Latest Commitment

Another thing I’m committing to is my business this year—creating strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs that give them clarity, purpose and a plan. I’m hosting a 2019 Strategy Event next week, January 10, and I’d love to have you. The event has required a lot of commitment. And I can’t wait for it to happen.