The Possibility of a Peach

Peach blossoms in the midst of the process.

Peach blossoms in the midst of the process.

It starts as a bud. Round, small, waiting to spring free. And then the world begins to attack. The blossom is at the mercy of the elements. Too cold, it freezes and never reaches its potential. Bursting open, it relies on the fate of the winds and the bees to ensure it can is pollinated and can form as a peach. Then insects, the heat, the rain and God-forbid, hail, can get in its way.

You see, even a peach can struggle to meet its potential.

The Possibility of You

We start as little buds—or babies—with so many possibilities. We ask the little babes: who will you be, what will you accomplish and how will your life unfold. T

When our minister admired our 2-day old daughter’s long fingers, he commented she could be a great piano player. My husband responded, to my horror, “or a pick-pocket.” She’s become neither piano player or pickpocket (thank goodness), but she is still young.

As life goes on, we face challenges like that peach bud—a lack of math skills, a bad experience with a teacher, an unexpected death…many things can get in the way of reaching our goals.

Aging seems to remove some of the possibility of who we are, what we can create and whether we’ll start something new. As I’ve worked with clients in the middle stages of life, I encourage them to throw the age card out the window. Easier said than done, I know, but consider:

  • Luchita Hurtada, 98, is hosting her first gallery exhibit entitled “I live I die I will be reborn.”

  • Julia Child wrote her first cookbook at age 49, a pioneer in TV cooking shows. She started cooking at 36.

  • Vera Wang entered the fashion industry at age 50.

  • My Facebook friend who got her undergraduate degree at age 47 and Master’s at age 50, and embarked upon a new career.

  • Another friend who is becoming a part-time zookeeper while still managing his successful consulting business.

The truth is, these people all made a DECISION to move forward with something they love.

The Decision

The fully-formed, delicious peach.

The fully-formed, delicious peach.

Peaches don’t decide to be peaches—they just are. As humans, we have so many more options available to us—whether to become a parent, a teacher, pursue a corporate career, to become an entrepreneur, to learn to paint, to get a dog. The list can go on and on regarding the decisions we make and how they will impact our lives, our finances, and our happiness.

We sometimes forget that those decisions are available to us MORE THAN ONCE in our lives. If you don’t like your career, you can change it. If you’ve always wanted to learn to sing, to paint, you want to hike or play tennis, what’s holding you back? You just have to decide.

The Common Denominator - Passion

Should passion dictate your choices? When you love something, when it’s in your mind all day long, how can you not choose it? (Unless of course we’re talking alcohol or heroin—then you should seek help).

I’m not suggesting you throw out your 9-5, risk your livelihood, or jeopardize your family life. What I am saying is to honor yourself, find things you enjoy spending time on and do them—regardless of whether there is a purpose or not.

The secret is making the CHOICE to schedule your passion into your life.

I hear you already—I don’t have time! I’m maxed out! That’s a limiting belief, my friend. You have as much time as you choose to believe.

Think of scheduling in terms of DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY and QUARTERLY and try to schedule necessary and passion-related items accordingly. I may not be able to play tennis daily, but maybe I can squeeze a game in monthly.

What is the POSSIBILITY and PASSION you want to make time for in your life. Let me know if I can help you create a plan.